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The Sheffield on the Internet site is receiving thousands of hits per week. You too could share in that success.

Did you know that more than 39% of our site visitors spend between 1 and 5 minutes on site? 14.4% spend 6-10 minutes, a healthy 15.1% are here for 11-30 minutes and 2.5% spend longer than 30 minutes. In these days of "3 clicks and you're out", we are glad to see that thousands of site visitors stay on site for significant periods of time to take in the content and advertising material that we have on site.

We can provide you with a small free site link or we are able to offer banner, box-graphic and other promotional services to companies and organisations with a Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Peak District area theme. There is a huge interest in this site from local and distant site visitors and there is no reason why the region's commercial concerns should not share in that interest.
Do you provide a local service?
Do you produce local goods?
Would you like to share in the success of this site?

If you wish to include a brief mention of your company on our site then please send us details of your event, show, concert, meeting, seminar, group, club, specialist service, business, venue, sport, attraction, facility, etc, etc, and we will include brief details in our Sheffield on the Internet site FOR FREE if area-related, but please note that only one free entry per organisation is permitted.

Free listings are available via the Add URL form. All we require is a link back to our site. If you are unwilling to grant a reciprocal link then please do not ask us to link to your site.

Local businesses and groups should send us their Prospectus or Press Releases so that we may do our best to incorporate information within our site. Please write to R P Day & Co, 15 Tunwell Greave, Sheffield, S5 9GB or enclose within an email -

Banner advertising is available on the site. Our current rates are:-

Your Link Here   Home Page - box graphic = £49 per month
  Home Page - box graphic for 6 mths = £249
  Home Page - box graphic for 12 mths = £399

  Elsewhere - box graphic @ £25 per month
  Elsewhere - box graphic 6 mths = £125
  Elsewhere - box graphic 12 mths = £199

  Priority Listing (placed above all free listings) = £19 per month

See below for "Splash Deals".

Sample banner

Full-sized banner space is very limited until major sponsorship status is available. If you are interested in becoming a major sponsor on Sheffield on the Internet, please contact us without obligation for details of availability and cost.

If you do not have a graphic, we can produce one for you @ only £25.

Subject to VAT

You may also take a Partnership Site allied to Sheffield on the Internet. A 750 word Partnership Site is available for £190 for a full year. Visitors to Sheffield on the Internet will find your Partnership Site via free links within our site which means that you too can benefit from our success in driving traffic to the site.

Your Partnership Site will be a stand-alone site which you may publicise on your stationery, press releases and advertising, and is a good way of starting out with a flexible site which can be developed in the future into a much larger concern.

For more details of a Partnership Site, please Click Here.

Maybe yours is a local area business without a web site, but wondering whether your goods or services will sell via the Internet. Perhaps you are tempted by the opportunities that exist but are reluctant to invest in internet trading because of the costs involved and/or because you have not been able to test out this relatively new marketing route.

This site has the ideal service to retail your goods at zero cost to you.
If your goods or services are locally-themed, we will be able to provide a section to our site where your goods may be sold via the Internet. If the goods do sell, all we will take will be a percentage of the profit that you make on the sale. If there are no sales, then you do not pay us anything. If you find that sales take off, then you may continue with the system we have established or you may then switch to a dedicated web site of your own.

This site has already established similar deals with local bookshops and cutlery manufacturers. Do you have a product that customers would be able to order via the Internet? Why not give this a try? An Agency Agreement allows us to promote your products AT NO COST TO YOU.

Please ring first to discuss your business with us and we will advise you as to how we could work together to bring you more customers.

If you wish to have a spread of banners across the site, we can offer flexible deals to satisfy your needs. As an example, 25 banners on site (including one at the foot of the Home Page) could be yours for only £500 per month. On present statistics, this should deliver in excess of 50,000 viewings per month and, if the current trend continues, rather more than this estimate over coming months. Therefore, you may wish to tie up this deal now before traffic figures, and advertising rates, rise.

NB Banners should be gif or jpg and be no larger in file size than 15k. If you prefer to use a mix of banners so that our site visitors see a number of different ones from you, then this would be quite acceptable.

Please note - Splash Deals are not always available. To maintain a balance of banners on site, we limit the number used and do not always have the capacity to add more. Please ask regarding availability of space.

We are always keen to encourage suggestions from local companies as to how Sheffield on the Internet can assist them in their businesses. If we can share in revenue generated or work on a fee-paid basis then we'd like to hear from you. Don't worry if you're unsure about how the Internet works. We have been running this site since 1995 and our experience is available to any business wishing to explore mutually beneficial partnership arrangements with us.

Contact us and explore how we can work together to our mutual benefit.
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