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"An excellent way of opening up another marketing front"

To the best of our knowledge, Sheffield on the Internet is the region's largest resource of local links.

chart Our traffic figures have risen sharply recently and we can now offer an arrangement to you whereby you may take advantage of our success and use it for your own benefit.

If you would like to join with us, we can offer you a PARTNERSHIP WEB SITE on which you may promote your company, services and goods, and invite contacts and business from clients.

We can provide for you a PARTNERSHIP SITE, with its own web address which will benefit from an association with Sheffield on the Internet.

If you already have an email address, this is an ideal opportunity to use it to receive business enquiries or orders over the Internet. If you do not have email, then you may simply invite customers to contact by post, telephone or fax. In short, this is an excellent way of opening up yet another front in your marketing strategies, allied to the thousands of visitors we welcome to our site every week.

The PARTNERSHIP SITE which we can prepare for you, may run to about 750 words and we will include a few photos or graphics to enrich your page. An enquiry form may be incorporated for people to submit questions, to register with you, to ask you to contact them, or even to submit orders.

"Use your site to attract enquiries and orders"

Your site may have a choice of addresses (called URLs).
At no cost to you, it could be called, typically, Or, if you require a dedicated domain name, we could register for you (subject to availability) This latter option requires extra registration and hosting fees as follows:-
For a name - £10 for the name registration (for 2 yrs) and £40 per year for hosting of the name incl. 2 meg of web space and a cgi-bin to handle forms etc (for 1 year).
Therefore, costs would be £50 year 1, £40 year 2, £50 year 3, and so on.

For a .com name, the figures would be £30 for the name (2 yrs) & £40 for hosting/2 meg/cgi-bin per year. i.e. £70 year 1, £40 year 2, £70 year 3 and so on.

Larger web space by arrangement.
Your site may run to 750 words in length (about the size of this page) and can be used to:-
  • Describe you company
  • Give details of your personnel
  • Provide full contact information (address, tel/fax numbers, email, etc)
  • Describe your goods/services
  • Include a form for registration/enquiries/orders
  • Include photos or other graphics

Sheffield On The Internet Logo
"We will encourage our visitors to visit you"

Your PARTNERSHIP SITE will be given a free hyperlink from Sheffield on the Internet which is already bringing in visitors who are looking for goods and services from companies local to this area. We will draw our site visitors' attention to your PARTNERSHIP SITE to encourage them to visit you.

We will continue to strive to increase traffic to our site which, in turn, will provide you with a spin-off benefit by virtue of its association with Sheffield on the Internet.

Rather than go to the expense of a fully fledged web site, costing hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, a PARTNERSHIP SITE gives you the opportunity to join the Internet bandwagon and to have most of the facilities that your competitors have for a fraction of the cost.

We will provide for you the programming skills needed to give your site the features that will provide an attractive layout to the site.

Your PARTNERSHIP SITE URL may be used on your stationery, press releases and advertising as a stand-alone site and you may publicise it to your exisiting and prospective clients who may be looking for more convenient ways of interacting with you.

"An easily upgradeable web presence for you"

A PARTNERSHIP SITE allied to Sheffield on the Internet can be yours for just £199 + vat per year (excluding any fees associated with setting up a domain name of your own as quoted above. Remember that if your own domain name is not important to you, then no other naming or hosting fees will be necessary).

If you wish us to promote your site more widely e.g. by submitting it to Search Engines & Directories and/or organising Reciprocal Links for you, then these services are available at a rate to be agreed.

Minor changes to your site will be re-programmed for free, but we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee if more major re-working is necessary.

When/if you feel that your web needs have outgrown a PARTNERSHIP SITE, we will be here to offer our services to you in developing a larger web presence should you so wish. Furthermore, if you have taken your own domain name from the start, then we (or you, or any other web design company) will be able to transform it into a much bigger concern at a future date, thus building on the success of your original venture. There will be no need for you to start again from scratch.

Please complete this form and supply your required text for us to convert into your PARTNERSHIP SITE. If you have a particular graphic which you wish us to use, could you send this to us. If you simply prefer us to illustratre the site using our library of graphics, we will proceed on that basis.
Your name:

Company/Organisation Name:


Telephone No.:

Email address:

Your site text (you may prefer to prepare this offline and paste into this box).   Please try to limit to 750 words

Would you prefer your Own Domain Name, or a free Sub-Domain Name of our domain, e.g.

If Own Domain Name has been selected, what would be your preference? We will check availability for you.

Terms of Business are printed below

This form is being sent to:
R P Day & Co
15 Tunwell Greave
S5 9GB
Tel - 0114 2467240
Ask for Robert Day
Email -

1) The Partner acknowledges that they have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
2) The Partner accepts responsibility for the accuracy of any copy or information submitted for publication and undertakes to indemnify R P Day & Co in the event of any claim as a result of any inaccuracy, breach of copyright or any other infringed rights.
3) The Partner accepts responsibility for the fulfilment of all regulatory requirements in respect of their site.
4) R P Day & Co reserves the right not to publish any copy/data.
5) Invoices will be submitted and the terms of settlement are 14 days from receipt.
6) Should the Partner wish to remove their site, then no refund will be payable. Minor amendments will be re-programmed at no charge. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for larger re-workings.
7) R P Day & Co shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing its obligations arising from industrial disputes or any cause beyond reasonable control, and shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage or the interruption or disturbance of service from any cause whatsoever.
8) R P Day & Co reserve the right to change prices and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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