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Friends This is a list of Expats and Friends of Sheffield & District. Expats have a special page but listings are now combined into the one below. The Sheffield Expats page can be found at Sheffield Expats - lots of information and links of use to expats. There is also a Sheffield Expats Mailing List which is free to join and is a lively old group. It is well worth anyone with an interest in the city joining up to this list (free membership via Yahoo Groups).

Instead of confining this list to Expats, we are now opening up the list to anyone, expats or still-here, to allow them list their details and try to trace their old friends from school, from their neighbourhood, from work, or wherever.

Listings WILL BE REMOVED AFTER 6 MONTHS to ensure that emails, contact details and messages are kept fresh. If your listing is removed, or is close to removal (check the 'Date Posted' date against your listing), just submit a new Registration Form to ensure that you stay listed.

If you are new member, just list your details and keep looking to see if you can meet up again with your friends from the past. Use the Registration Form to enter your details, and keep your fingers crossed that your entry will be spotted.

We are trying a new section for people who may be thinking of arranging a school reunion. Click Here for School Reunions and see if there is any interest from your future schoolmates. Or, why not submit your interest in arranging a reunion to see what interest there may be.

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NOTICE - OWING TO ABUSE BY SPAMMERS, FORM SUBMISSIONS TO THE GUESTBOOK ARE SUSPENDED. PLEASE ADD YOUR DETAILS BY EMAIL ONLY TO - guestbook @ (NB format this address to remove gaps) Just send the information that the original form requested. Name: John Woodfield
Where Now: Athens, Greece
Former Schools: Abbeydale Primary, Stradbroke Primary & City Grammar School Message: Left Sheffield in 1963.
Name: Keith Lawrie
Where Now: Greenhill, Sheffield
Former School: Hatfield House Lane & City School
Message: Trying to locate ex pupils, 1954 onwards at City School. Leopold Street S1. Looking to locate ex pupil girlfriend Jacqueline Gee, 18 Greg House Road, S5 pupil Hatfield House Lane then City School around 1954 I lived at number 9 at Central Technical School. Remember meeting at a jewellers shop!
Name: Andrew Caban
Where Now: Still here
Former School: Firth Park Grammar School
Message: I was a pupil at FPGS in the late sixties/early seventies, and for most of my time there I was in the school orchestra. There was a school production of Oklahoma! towards the end of my school days, with a small orchestra of which I was a part. This was recorded and put onto vinyl. It would be fantastic if anyone out there had a copy!
Name: Thelma Sharman
Where Now:Sheffield
Date Left: Still here
Former School: Whitby Road Girls School
Message: Would like to hear from Maureen Heppenstall, Barbara Hazelwood. Jacqueline Heppenstall from Whitby Road Girls School. Sorry dont know their married names.
Name: John Hallam
Where Now:Sheffield
Date Left: Still here
Former School: Jordanthorpe
Interests: Walking, Holidays, Vintage buses
Name: Mark Saxby
Where Now:Ireland
Date Left: 1982
Former School: Norton County & Rowlinson
Interests:Railways (model & heritage), DIY, cinema, reading & trying to master this b****y computer!
Name: Alec Carrotte
Where Now:Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Date Left: 1986
Former School: Hatfield House Lane Junior 7 Infants 1948-1954, Firth Park Grammar School 1954-1959
Interests:Gardening, reading and travel
Message: Would like to hear from any old school friends.
Name: Tony Bridges
Message: I would very much like & perhaps meet up with any one who remembers me from Period 1948/54. in or around the Pagehall, Firvale areas.
Name: Viviennne Okoroafor nee' Patton
Where Now: Bedfordfshire
Former School: Weston Road Schools 1949 - 1957
Message:Would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me.
Name: Vicky Ashton
Where Now: Buckinghamshire
Date Left: 1989
Former School: Wisewood Comprehensive
Interests: Cooking/ entertaining /music
Message: Just like to hear from anyone about the old place really. Going back there for a gig soon and looking forward to seeing the place again.
Name: Peter Robinson
Where Now: Margate, Tasmania, Australia
Date Left: 6th September 1968
Former School: Western Road
Interests: Gardening, Grandchildren, Photography (video and still), bush walking, Sheffield United.
Name: Patricia Mather
Where Now: BC, Canada
Date Left: 1974
Former School: Dinnington High School
Interests: I'm a singer in my spare time you can find me practicing, I work on board a BC Ferry as a first aid attendant. I'd love to hear from old friends.
Name: Amanda Hempsall
Where Now: Still living in Sheffield
Former School: Beck Road Primary & Firth Park Comp
Interests: I like to eat out, go to the cinema, take photos & play with my grand daughter.
Message: Please get in touch if you remember me.

Name: Marion Coupe nee Meegan
Where Now: Northern Ireland
Date Left: 1975
Former School:St Charles & St Peter's

Name: Julie Green
Where Now: Canada
Date Left: 1976
Former School: Hurlfield Secondary Modern

Name: Carol
Where Now: Sheffield
Date Left: 1966
Former School: Hillfoot/ Chaucer
I would like anyone to contact me who attended any of the schools which I have listed.

Name: Linda Hogan {nee Perrett}
Where Now: Connecticut, USA
Date Left: 1997
Former School: Silverdale

Name: Herbert Buttery
Where Now: Waroona, West Australia
Date Left: 1974
Former School: Burton St
Interests: Still trying to find people who went to Burton St School 1952 / 57. E.G. Valerie Bayliss, lived on Penistone Rd. Just past Burton St.

Name: David Simpson
Where Now: Jersey, Channel Islands
Date Left: 1965
Former School: Hinde House Comp
Interests: All sports, Sheffield United
looking for anybody that went to Fir's Hill 1957/1961, Hinde House Comp 1962/1965 or anybody that knows me.

Name: Jim Austen
Where Now: California
Date Left: 1955
Former School: Gregg School
Interests: Hiking, golfing, Harley-Davidsons.
Would like to hear from any old gunner who served with the 26th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery in Terendak Camp, Malacca, Malaya, years 1961 to 1962. I still think about all the people I knew there. God Bless you all wherever you are.

Name: Roger Billam
Where Now: Chesterfield
Date Left: 1973
Former School: Woodseats/Jordanthorpe.
Interests: Sheffield Wednesday, beer.
It would be interesting to find someone I knew/know.

Name: John Cwik
Where Now: St. Michael's, Maryland, US
Date Left: 1968
Former School: Carrfield Road Primary, Thomas Moore
Interests: Golf, travel, family

Name: Ron Simmonds
Where Now: Germany
Date Left: 1964
Former School: Frecheville Sec. Modern

Name: Ian Clarke
Where Now: Dubai, UAE
Date Left: 1980
Former School: Whitby Road, Henry Fanshawe
Interests: Sheffield Wednesday, languages, music and reading

Name: Jim Austen
Where Now: California
Date Left: June 1955
Former School: Gregg School
Hey! Anyone out there remember me? I went to the Gregg School in Broohill from 1952 to 1955 before we up and moved down to Sussex. Back then I was known as Charles Austen. I remember Richard Arnold was headmaster of the school. Little did I know in those tender years what was in store for me.
National Service in the army out in Malaya, followed by emigration to Canada and then signed up in the U.S army in order to get residency in that country. Did a year of that in Nam - no more to be said on that experience Then eight years as a Los Angeles policeman before being invalided out. Since then worked for city government and due to retire next year.
I had a a neighbour, Jeff Kelly, when we lived in Rokeby Road, Parson Cross. Saw him on the City Grammar School web site. Anyway, if anyone is still around who may possibly remember me I'd be more than glad to hear from them.
Looking for anyone who might remember Charles "Charlie" Austen from the Gregg School. Was there 1952-1955.

Name: Brian Revill
Where Now: Hillsborough
Former School: Central Technical School
Interests: Casual ref. to old Head (Dr H. W. Wadge MBE) sparked an interest in C.T.S history (and a certain nostalgia).
Particular interest in fellow pupils. 1948 - 51 (Engineers).

Name: Sue
Where Now: Gull Lake, SK, Canada
Date Left: Dec 1970
Former School: King Ecgbert
Interests: Knitting, travelling, cross stitch, gardening, pets, computers, volunteering
Looking for any friends who are still in Sheffield. I was often in the assembly reading the lesson. I remember Mrs. Bartlett, Mr. Cartwright and we moved up to King Ecgbert from Abbeydale Road School when it closed down. The fish and chip shop across the road I remember, one class-mate burned his throat from the chips being too hot. Robert Peacock was his name. Nigel, was someone else who asked me to go to see Johnny Cash with him, and I couldn't go at that time. If anyone remembers me, please contact me.

Name: Paul Ward
Where Now: Wellingborough, Northants.
Date Left: 1988
Former School: Yew Lane
Interests: Harley Davidson Rider, New Zealand, World Travel.
I am Global Marketing Manager for Chicago Miniature Lighting of New Jersey USA. Living in Northamptonshire with offices in German and USA. I travel regularly between them all. I'm sitting here at home watching the Snooker and Joe Scarborough it made me think of seeing his pictures in the "Attic" a sandwich shop in town in the early seventies. I used to earn 12 quid a week at Spear & Jacksons and his pictures were either 12 or 25 quid so I never had one..! Looking for anybody who knows me from Yew Lane, S&J, Downs Surgical, Granville College or the Poly....
Please mail...

Name: Michelle Beckett
Where Now: Bahrain
Date Left: 2002
Former School: Abbeydale Grange
Interests: What am I not interested in....
Hoping to get in contact with anyone at Abbeydale who left around 1999-2000.

Name: Zarah Cunningham
Where Now: Sheffield
Date Left: Still here.
Former School: Mytle Springs

Name: Brian Froggatt
Where Now: Wellington, New Zealand
Date Left: 1963
Former School: Woodhouse Grammar School
Interests: Football, league, British steam locomotives, military history

Name: Roy Lambell
Where Now: Sydney, Australia
Date Left: May 1967
Former School: Waltheof
Interests: Chatting on the net, computers in general, reading, snooker, darts.
Before Waltheof I went to Whitby Road School for years. Lived in Darnal for 18 years before coming to Australia. Lived in Wilstrop Road - No 17. Mum and Dad's name were Dot and Jim and I had 3 Brothers - Alan, Jim & Keith.

Name: Alan Morley
Where Now: Camborne, Cornwall
Date Left: July, 1951
Former School: Pye Bank Primary School
Date Posted: 04/26/06 17:14:27 BST

Name: Karen King
Where Now: Sheffield
Date Left: No, I'm still here!!
Former School: City School
Interests: Well everything!!
Date Posted: 04/18/06 23:29:29 BST
Looking for old school friends from City School, Sheffield.

Name: Jacqueline Pennington (Palmer)
Where Now: Worksop
Date Left:
Former School: Woodbourn Road
Date Posted: 04/18/06 15:45:48 BST
Looking for anyone who lived at Attercliffe. I left 1964. I lived on Fearnehough Street with my mum and dad, Alf & Jackie Palmer.

Name: Lesley
Where Now: Barnsley
Date Left: 1975
Former School: Waltheof
Interests: Gym, nothern soul.
Date Posted: 04/13/06 17:45:30 BST
Looking for anybody from that year.

Name: Peter Murfitt
Where Now: Whitwick, Leicestershire
Date Left: January, 1988
Former School: King Edward VII
Interests: Fishing, crosswords, quizzes, reading, football,
Date Posted: 04/12/06 18:02:01 BST

Name: Jack Olive
Where Now: Nantes, France
Date Left: 1963
Former School: Firth Park Grammar
Date Posted: 04/12/06 08:52:59 BST
Message: Love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

Name: Barbara A. Parker (nee Lepisto)
Where Now: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Date Left: Oct. 1969
Former School: Abbeydale Secondary Modern
Interests: Finding school friends when I got to Abbeydale Sec. Mod. in 1965 to 1969. Some friends were Angela and Marie Howarth, Dawn Briggs. I was born in Chicago, IL. USA. and my mum was from Totley and was a warbride in WW2. Also looking for Christine Williams (nee Hopperton) daughter of Leslie and Gertrude (nee Howarth) Hopperton. Christine went to Silverdale when I lived there. I lost contact with her around 1974.
Date Posted: 04/05/06 03:36:55 BST
This website has had results from other schoolmates who wrote to let me know they went to Abbeydale Sec. Mod. So it's a great idea to put the word out to help find other schoolmates.

Name: Steven Clark
Where Now: Hamburg, Germany
Date Left: 1981
Former School: Brook School (left 1974), City School (Sixth Form - left 1976)
Interests: Music production, graphic design, photography, football, tennis, German language, Germany.
Date Posted: 04/02/06 16:38:51 BST
Would love to hear from anyone from Brook / City Schools (early to mid-1970s), Sheffield in general and Handsworth in particular.

Name: Julie Green
Where Now: British Columbia, Canada
Date Left: 1976.
Former School:Hurlfield Secondary and Granville College of Further Education
Date Posted: 04/01/06 20:54:54 BST
I would like to contact old school friends, college friends, work friends, old boyfriends.

Name: Bill Jarvis
Where Now: Plymouth
Date Left: 1963
Former School: Norton County & Abbeydale Boys Grammar
Interests: Antiques, military and naval history, travel, bowls, caravanning, treasure hunting, ebaying.
Date Posted: 03/31/06 23:09:20 BST
Lived in Woodseats 1946-63 when I joined the Royal Navy and spent the next 28 years at sea, during which time I lost contact with almost everyone. School friends include: Stu Fish, Brian Smedley, Colin Jones, Peter Jackson, Michael Shaw, Howard Stone, Pat Andrews, Janice Archer (last 5 from the 1950's).

Name: Roy Tomlinson
Where Now: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date Left: 1955
Former School: Arbourthorne North, Craddock Rd.
Interests: Repairing antique clocks, gardening, Street Rods
Date Posted: 03/30/06 02:29:27 BST
I'm searching for an old school friend by the name of Margaret Prior (Pryor ?). I last saw her around 1951-53. She also attended Arbourthorne School on Brimmsfield Rd. I afraid she might not remember me but I have never forgotten her.

Name: Patrick Moloney (Paddy)
Where Now: White Hart, Sheffield
Date Left: Still here
Former School: St Joseph's, St Vincent's, St Paul's.
Interests: Many and varied interests. Most Of All Meeting People
Date Posted: 03/24/06 01:56:12 GMT
Looking to contact anyone who knows me, arrange re-union etc, etc.

Name: Arthur Fearnehough
Where Now: France
Date Left: 2004
Former School: All Saints
Interests: Enjoying the nice yobbo-free countryside developing my small holding and gardening round my new bungalow, eating out on this lovely French food.
Date Posted: 03/19/06 01:33:17 GMT
Leonard Stone re; Colin Bidwell.

Name: Carole
Where Now: Swallownest, Sheffield
Date Left: 1976
Former School: Colley
Date Posted: 03/12/06 19:17:21 GMT

Name: George Holland
Where Now: Northern Ireland
Date Left:
Former School:
Interests: Genealogy
Date Posted: 03/11/06 14:26:32 GMT

Name: Vivien Woodward (now Bird)
Where Now: Hillsborough
Date Left: Still here
Former School: King Edwards 1968-73
Interests: Animals, Travelling and Antiques.
Date Posted: 03/10/06 18:55:02 GMT
Looking to hear from anyone who remembers me from school.

Name: Emmah Canetti
Where Now: Arizona, USA
Date Left: 1999
Former School: Carter Lodge
Date Posted: 03/10/06 03:56:32 GMT
Looking for a couple of old friends; Maria Illingsworth, worked with her at Ciro Jax night club. And a really sweet friend of hers named Paul that she was at Univerity with. I made the mistake of turning him down to attend a Ball with him. If anyone can help just email me.
Thank you.

Name: Craig Chambers
Where Now: Walkley
Date Left: Still here
Former School:
Date Posted: 03/05/06 12:31:39 GMT

Name: David Long
Where Now: Florida, USA
Date Left: 1951/52
Former School:
Interests:I am looking for two brothers; John and Michael Reid (Reed?). I have a twin brother Graham.
Date Posted: 03/04/06 16:46:23 GMT

Name: Pete Andrews
Where Now: Sheff
Date Left: Still Here
Former School: Herries Comp 1982
Interests: Sheff Wed, beer, more beer spec. brew.
Date Posted: 02/28/06 00:36:42 GMT
Message:Looking for anyone from 1982.

Name: Sheila Clarke
Where Now:
Date Left:
Former School: Wisewood
Date Posted: 02/25/06 14:21:32 GMT

Name: Zeb Fayyaz
Where Now: Pakistan
Date Left: 1995
Former School: Acres Hill Primary School
Interests: Reading, drawing and music
Date Posted: 02/23/06 22:21:39 GMT
I'd love to contact my classmates of Acres Hill especially Uzma.

Name: Norman Turner
Where Now: Chester, Cheshire,uk
Date Left: 1954
Former School: Ann's Road, Heeley
Interests: Reading, tv history docs., choral singing. Last but by no means least my large family!
Date Posted: 02/18/06 15:38:19 GMT
First time on it, so very interested.

Name: Gary Canavan
Where Now: Chesterfield
Date Left: May 1978
Former School: Waltheof Upper School
Interests: Just looking for my old mates
Date Posted: 02/15/06 16:22:06 GMT
Looking for Hussain Mohamed, Alan Parks, Darren Lea, Martin Lea, Lynne Pickering, sue etc.

Name: Herbert Buttery
Where Now: West Australia
Date Left: 1974
Former School:Burton Street
Interests: Painting, Classic Cars, Finding People who went to Burton St School. 1952/57
Date Posted: 02/06/06 11:19:49 GMT

Name: Valerie
Where Now: Australia
Date Left: 1950
Former School:
Interests: To find any living relative of Richard Victor Howard, Silvia Joy Howard, Audry Howard, Desmond Howard.
Date Posted: 02/06/06 09:53:16 GMT

Name: Kathryn Wragg
Where Now: Milton Keynes
Date Left: 1987
Former School: Hatfield House Lane Jnr/Owler Lane Intermediate
Date Posted: 02/02/06 22:14:01 GMT
I would love to contact Molly Ward. I have heard that she is still in Sheffield (North side) She was my first friend.

Name: Leonard Stones
Where Now: Surrey
Date Left: appox. 1941
Former School: Carlisle Street School
Interests: Horse racing. Used to play golf. Crossword puzzles.
Date Posted: 01/28/06 11:38:16 GMT
I am looking for an old friend by the name of Colin Bidwell. We were friends from a early age at school, then worked together in the Steel Works. Both joined the army I went to India and he went to Germany. He also new me as Tig. When we lived at Carlisle St, it was well known as The Irish Yard (1934) Does anyone know him? I believe he still lives in Sheffield.

Name: Susan Buczynski (nee Martyn)
Where Now: N.J, USA
Date Left: July 1st 1987
Former School: Abbeydale Grange
Interests: Gardening, scapbooking, reading, walking, home improvements,crochet.
Date Posted: 01/21/06 19:30:35 GMT
I have registered here before but sadly haven't heard from any lost friends. I am trying desperately trying to contact by best friend Cath Lyne (nee Allen) who used to live on Empire Rd Nether Edge in the late 70's. Alos anyone who worked at Aircall on London Rd from 1977-1987.

Name: Graham Hyde
Where Now: Northwest UK
Date Left: 1989
Former School: Abbeydale/Inf/Jun/Sec - King Ecgberts
Interests: Art - Film - The Owls
Date Posted: 01/20/06 11:36:38 GMT
Looking for anyone who attended Abbeydale Infants, Juniors or Secondary schools in the sixties until we were all packed off to King Ecgberts when the Secondary schol closed.
Anyone who played in the school football teams, including King Ecgberts.

Name: Beverley Ramsden (nee Mercer)
Where Now: Ontario, Canada
Date Left: 1983
Former School: Waltheof
Interests: Travel, Art, Music, Film, Books etc.
Hoping to contact old friends/teachers in Sheffield - Waltheof and Acres Hill Schools :) Left Walthoef 1979/80. Specifically looking for Jane Furniss. Also: Allison Taylor, Wendy Hubbard, Julie Knell, Tracey Dunn, Carole Fuller, Julie Bates, Carol Cross etc.
Thanx! :)

Name: Glenda Obrien
Where Now: Tweed Heads, Australia
Date Left: 1963
Former School: Hunters Bar
Interests: Gardening, crafts, looking up friends from All Saints School, Pitsmoor area. Former name Fearnehough

Name: Barbara A. Parker
Where Now: Las Vegas, NV. USA.
Date Left: Oct. 1969
Former School: Abbeydale Secondary Modern
Interests: Going online and hopefully finding old classmates from A.S.M. also my 2 cats. Twins Angela & Marie Howarth, Dawn Briggs.
Looking for Christine (nee Hopperton) Williams, daughter of Leslie and Gertrude (nee Howarth) Hopperton. Lost contact with Christine 1974. Believe Christine went to Silverdale Sec. Mod. She last lived at Lowedges Estate but since moved.

Name: Emma Hardwick
Where Now: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Date Left: 1983
Former School: Ashdell Prep

Name: Jeanette Lundshøj (Skinner)
Where Now: Denmark
Date Left: 1988
Former School: Colley Comprehensive School
Interests: Diving, Tennis, cooking

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